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Reserve Your Spot - $1,499
Limited Trade Show Discount

Preorders will be prioritized based on location. Limited quantities available.

Pre-order Benefits (ISBI Special):
  • 30% discount
  • Waive initial service fees
  • Next-gen crop counting included
  • Participation in trials & demos
  • ​Automated mechanical weeding
  • Automated row following and turning

Easy Operation:
  • Weeding from seeding until row closure
  • Continuous weeding through growing season
  • No fuel or liquids required

  • High precision 2 leaf stage weed management
  • Increase crop yields and reduce manual labor costs
  • Herbicide-resistant weed control solution
  • Minimize soil compaction

Deposit: The refundable amount paid to Aigen Inc. to preorder the Services. Following payment of the Deposit, you will reserve evaluation by Aigen of suitability for the Services in or by the stated growing season of the Services. Aigen will apply your Deposit to the full amount due for the Services if and when they are provided by Aigen. 

Refundable Deposit: Prior to your consent to a separate and legally binding agreement with Aigen, to include pricing and other terms related to the Services, your Deposit is fully refundable and can be requested at any time by contacting Aigen at the email address listed above. If you seek and obtain a refund, you will forfeit your priority position.

Limitations: This Pre-Order Details does not constitute an agreement for the sale of any services or products, and does not contain any binding price, service level, or product configuration. Placing a Deposit does not obligate Aigen to provide you with any services or products. Aigen may refuse pre-orders at its own discretion, including to avoid oversubscription. The Deposit will be returned to you if you are not selected for Services in or by the stated growing season of the service. Aigen may contact you to defer your Deposit for evaluation of suitability for the Services for another growing season. This Pre-Order Details is only transferable or assignable by you to another party with Aigen’s prior written consent.

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