AI Generated Agriculture


autonomous robot
Truly Autonomous
Our Element vehicles can autonomously navigate, weed, and analyze row crops, offering farmers a scalable, chemical-free way to grow healthier crops.
Full-Field Connectivity
We are bringing satellite technology down to earth and applying mesh network connectivity to the farm. This enables better, more real time data to help farmers get ahead of problems.
Elemental Energy
Our vehicles run 100% on renewable energy. The solar panels double as sails, taking advantage of the high winds common on farms. Plus, all four wheel motors are regenerative, capturing and reusing energy gains from wind and down hills.
Scalable  •  Autonomous  •  Farmer First  •  Scalable  •  Autonomous  •  Farmer First  •  Scalable  •  Autonomous  •  

We invest in our home planet. Fortunately, we have some friends who do too.