We’re building a future with no harmful chemicals in our food.

That's why we’re launching the world’s first AI-driven, network-connected robotic service,
powered entirely by the elements.

3 Aigen robots in a farm field
Farmer holding table controlling the Aigen robot.

Let’s dig in

Rich and Kenny - co-founder.
Kenny and Rich have both experienced the impacts of chemicals on human health first hand, and live with diseases linked to pesticide use.

With roots in farming, electric vehicles, robotics and impact investing, Rich and Kenny founded Aigen in 2020 to connect farmers to breakthrough technologies and decarbonize agriculture.

At Aigen, we believe in a future with no harmful chemicals in our food. We believe in a future where farmers prosper, people thrive, and the planet flourishes.
Rich and Kenny - co-founders of Aigen.

Our Service

2 people talking
1. Talk to a local Aigen Agent.
Van service with robot in the field
2. We deliver, run, and maintain the fleet throughout the growing season.
Sugarbeet harvest
3. Track your fields via app, then harvest your chemical-free crops.
Our technology
Logo and robot

Model Element

The only scalable, chemical and fossil fuel free farming solution.
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chemical and fossil fuel free
leaf icon
Plant-level data
sun icon
Renewably powered
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Truly Autonomous
650 Wh

Farmers work incredibly hard to feed the world, and they are running out of options. We're building solutions for them.“

Richard Wurden & Kenny Lee, Founders